Just a quick post about some updates to the XrmToolBox plugin that I discussed in my previous post, New XrmToolbox plugin: TypeScript Helper Class Utility. I’ve been pretty happy with the plugin so far and using it regularly on my current project. This week, I had an issue with Virtual Attributes being included in the generated output that I had not noticed previously.  So, while adding a filter for Virtual Attribute types to the Filter Settings area of the configuration, I made a few other minor fixes and adjustments.

  • As stated, added a filter for Virtual Attribute types to the Filter Settings area of the configuration.  These are not likely to be used in Web API calls, but might be handy for documentation templates
  • You can now save and load configuration settings, such as Entity and Attribute filters.  This was a bit annoying to add the filters each time if you had a collection that worked well for your project.
  • A Language Code value has been added to the configuration settings to ensure that labels are consistent if more than one Localized Label is present on either Entity or Attribute properties.
  • You will now be prompted to update the template saved to the plugin settings folder if a new version is available.  Previously, I was just overwriting the file on each load of the plugin.
  • Various bugs were fixed around loading, filtering, and sorting of the Entity List. For example, when filtering the list of entities, the list of checked items was being hidden.  Items will now also be sorted alphabetically to make things a bit easier to read
  • Other minor cosmetic updates were made to speed loading of the control and make things a bit easier to maintain.

The update should now be available via the XrmToolBox Plugin Store, so please check it out.  Also, you can find the documents and source code at the Github repository CrmSvcUtilTS.

As always, feedback is welcome!

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