I have a current project where I am working with one of the Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) development teams. Brendon Colburn (LinkedIn) is the MCS Lead Developer on the project and he has put together a scripting framework to assist in working with forms or complex web resources, and making it easier to perform WebAPI calls. This framework leverages the Angular scripting framework and includes strongly typed script objects within TypeScript.

This scripting model relies on strongly typed TypeScript objects based on CRM entities and attributes, so Brendon put together a template using the TypeWriter Visual Studio plugin. In order to share this with the Dynamics xRM developer community, we converted this model to an XrmToolbox plugin. During the conversion, the tool has evolved a bit to be a simple templating tool for CRM entities and attributes.

TypeScript Helper Class Utility

Give it a try!

I have posted an overview with documentation on Brendon’s script framework, the XrmToolbox plugin, and the templating options.  You can find the post at the github repository CrmSvcUtilTS.  Please check out the repository and try out the tool and let us know what you think.

As always, all feedback is welcome!

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